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Gay Incest Mega Bundle: 14 Stories in one Book for only $8.99

Horny Gay Incest Mega Bundle: 14 Stories in one book for only $8.99
In this Horny 67,000 work gay incest mega bundle there are 14 horny stories of taboo gay sex between fathers and sons, twin brothers, uncles and nephews and fathers and grandfathers. All for a meager $8.99

The 14 unique tales move from mild to wild with some very tender loving moments mixed with some hardcore disciplining, the sort of which only daddy can administer. Sit back and get comfy because this gay incest mega bundle is going to blow you away!

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Teaching him to Take it (Like a Man)

Horny gay erotica story of a father seducing his son When he started filling out after 16, when his shoulders started getting broader and his face started to get manlier, he kept on wearing eyeshadow. He got into some trouble with some of the boys in school and I had a massive shouting match in the street, chasing a bunch of kids off our lawn. It was the first time I’d had to make a real loud clear statement of support for him rather than a quiet acceptance. I think it was that that moved him to tears more than the other boys’ reactions.
That night he sobbed into my arms, his little frame, filling out as it was, still felt small and boyish when I held him. He hugged me so lovingly, so adoringly, trembling with terror as he realised that he was living in a world that wouldn’t always accept him for who he was. As he realised that I loved him for who he was and that I would protect him. That I was proud of him for being who he was.
None of this ever-made sense to me, I’d never even met a ga…

Spit Roasted by Dad and the Vampire

Horny story of father and son forced to fuck by a vampire!

Without a moment’s hesitation, Dad ripped my tuxedo open. Ripping it off till my smooth upper body was completely exposed to the cold of the barren room. I turned to move towards the door and Vlad was suddenly stood in front of me grinning. Dad grabbed my naked flesh and pulled me towards him, hugging me in close he started trying to kiss me. I struggled against his huge strong arms with every ounce of strength I had but it wasn’t enough, he held me in place and forced his tongue down my throat. I felt so weak and pathetic, struggling against Dad’s strong grip and his wet, warm tongue.
Vlad stood unmoving from the door, laughing with a deep booming voice as if this was the funniest thing he had ever seen. I didn’t have time to make sense of it, but I was sure that the garlic had stopped him from getting into my head like he had Dad’s.

In a sudden burst of terrified strength I broke free of Dad’s arms and turned to run to the othe…

My Irresistible Brother

Horny taboo gay sex story. Twin brothers can't resist each other!
“Well.” Started the guy in the polo neck. “I dare say that you're both pretty handsome.”
Gray grinned “Yes, but who's MORE handsome?”
“Well.” The guy in the stripy green shirt continued. He was smiling at the silliness of Gray's question. “Do I have to choose? Aren’t you boys twins?”
“Absolutely and absolutely.” I goaded him on.
“Honestly, I can't tell the two of you apart.” Concluded the man in the polo shirt. “younger brother?” This had clearly confused him as well.
Graham had been eyeing them up over my shoulder the whole time we'd been drinking. In fact, this was possibly the first time in our adult lives that we'd been legally drinking together as gay men in a pub! We'd only come out during the last year of school and then we'd both been so busy getting through our exams. We'd discovered that we were gay in the most innocuous way. I'd come out with it first, asking Gray 'so…

Seduced by my Son's Boyfriend

Craig waltzed in the door in his usual casual style, his giant headphones hanging around his neck and his big purple baseball cap covering the front of his face. He gave me a big wave and a smile as he darted towards the toilet. Craig and Ethan are the same age, born one day apart. They are almost the same build, I thought, watching him head up the stairs. Craig, like me, had very thick curly brown Irish hair in contrast to Ethan’s blonde bowl. The way his loose-fitting sport clothes moved over his skinny little twinky frame was disturbingly reminiscent of Ethan.
That night over dinner we chatted as we usually did on a summer weekday night. Ethan was looking forwards to starting work after August, now his exams were out of the way. He’d opted to not go to university straight away and although I was a little sad, I could completely relate. I mean, in this day and age you’d have to be mad to rush such a big decision with so much debt attached to it!
As Craig spoke about his girlfriend, Me…

Falling for my Sexy Son

Hardcore gay incest erotica
Father son sex

You’ll probably think that I’m really bad. I don’t care anymore. Ever since Kevin came home for the summer holidays I couldn’t resist him. Mayb it was the break, he was quite a nerdy kid before he left, but since he came back from university he’d become taller, more confident, closer to being a man than a boy. I was never really into men before, I’m still not really into men, but when Kevin walks into the room my breath stops. My son, Kevin, who I’ve loved and cared for since he was just a baby, now he takes my breath away.

When he came home two weeks ago it had already been six months since Christmas. His mother and I had visited him at Christmas and now here he was again, looking so grown up! I will never forget that moment, waiting for him at the train station. I will never forget seeing him walking out as a confident young man. His once soft and boyish features were now stronger and more mature, they still weren’t rugged and manly, but like …

Gay Incest Erotica bundle

Four sexy stories spanning 17,000+ words of horny gay incest encounters between fathers, sons, boyfriends and grandfathers.

In Dad Seduces Scally Lad, horny father Tom convinces his son Andy to dump his clingy girlfriend and make love with a real man, his old man!

In Seduced by my Son's Boy Friend, Craig doesn’t suspect his Dad is gay, in fact his Dad never lusted after Craig until he got sucked off by Craig’s best friend, Ethan! Now he’s started to develop these urges towards his own son that are freaking him out! When Ethan and Craig announce that they’re an item, Mr Evans finds himself tricked by Ethan into a horny dark liaison with his own son.

In Falling for my Sexy Son, Dad never found guys attractive until Kevin came home from university. Kevin isn't any ordinary guy, he's a guy that Dad made into a guy! He raised Kevin into the man he is and suddenly he feels pride (or is it lust?) deep in his loins whenever he looks at Kevin.

In Spit Roasted by Dad & Granddad, Joe…

Daddy at the Glory Hole

Hardcore forbidden gay erotica story

The toilet was quite run down. ‘Cottaging’ was what they called it online, it always made me think of the English countryside and old women living in straw cottages. The ‘cottage’ - you know, the men’s toilet, was in a grey concrete slab about the size of a freight container. The smell, stale piss and metallic urinals, wafted out of the door as I went inside. At first the smell had made me feel queasy but after my first load I found it exhilarating. Every time the sharp stink of the urinals bit into my nostrils, I knew I was about to get my fill.

The etiquette of the cottage was a little strange at first, but now I was something of an expert. There was a small wall of urinal space where guys would stand pretending to piss, sizing each other up, sometimes wanking into the urinal. This was a terrible waste, I thought. Why shoot a load into a urinal when you could put it in me? I’d not been back on Grindr since I discovered the cottage.
I always went str…

Horny bareback orgy

I’m still hard as a write this! I came four times last night but I was just so fucking turned on by the whole experience that I HAVE to write about it! So I went toe Cum Union party at Hove sauna in Brighton. It was a bit of a slow start for me, I took my time, seeing who was around, sneaking out for a fag and showering and sorting myself out. The crowd was pretty decent for such a small sauna. I was quite surprised to find that I know one of the guys working there and that I recognised 2 of the guys in the sauna that night. Both of whom I had barebacked on separate occasions.

I was at the sauna for a good forty-five minutes before I started fooling around properly. I met this gorgeous skinny grey haired fox in the sauna and we sat kissing each other and playing with each other’s cocks. This was a gentle way to ease myself into the whole affair. Over the course of the evening I met lots of really nice guys and had my cock played with several times. The guy who I’d played with in the sa…

Taboo gay intergenerational sex story

Seduced & spit roasted by my Dad and Granddad!
Taboo gay sex story!
Joe struggled to make sense of what he was looking at through his stoned haze. He was enjoying the sensations so much that the part of his brain that wanted to panic and run was almost silent. He chuckled slightly, feeling his prick straining inside Granddad's mouth. Then for a brief moment he resisted. Pushing against his father he tried to jump up but he was so stoned! His Dad hardly had to use any strength to hold him still. The weed totally zapped whatever strength he should have had and he simply couldn't bring himself to move that far that fast.
He kept struggling slightly under his Dad's strong arms but his struggles became weaker and less involved. It actually felt amazing having that experienced old mouth working his youthful cock and the longer he stayed there the less he felt he the urge to resist. Dad's lips pressed up against his own, big, soft and wet. He couldn't resist the tingling…

Dad Seduces Scally Lad

Horny daddy Tom seduces his sexy son Andy.

“Yeah, of course... Look, how'd you feel if I bring Stacy to watch the game with us...”

Tom laughed, slightly nervously and then a horny taboo thought cropped into his head: “How's this son, y' try and fuck her, with a johnny, before the game... if she can give y' a hardon, bring her. If she can't, dump her.”

Andy stared at his Dad in wide eyed shock. He wasn't just in shock at what his Dad had said, he was also in shock at the effect it had upon him. His cock had twitched to life in his hand under his tracksuit bottoms and it felt good, slowly getting stiffer in his hand, it expanded gently, like a balloon filling with water, unfolding in his palm till it was almost completely hard. He clenched his hand tight around it, enjoying that lovely warm sensation. He'd never imagined that his old man talking about sex would turn him on.

Tom watched this unfolding scene eagerly with both excitement and disbelief. The outline o…