Falling for my Sexy Son

Hardcore gay incest erotica
Father son sex

You’ll probably think that I’m really bad. I don’t care anymore. Ever since Kevin came home for the summer holidays I couldn’t resist him. Mayb it was the break, he was quite a nerdy kid before he left, but since he came back from university he’d become taller, more confident, closer to being a man than a boy. I was never really into men before, I’m still not really into men, but when Kevin walks into the room my breath stops. My son, Kevin, who I’ve loved and cared for since he was just a baby, now he takes my breath away.

gay incest

When he came home two weeks ago it had already been six months since Christmas. His mother and I had visited him at Christmas and now here he was again, looking so grown up! I will never forget that moment, waiting for him at the train station. I will never forget seeing him walking out as a confident young man. His once soft and boyish features were now stronger and more mature, they still weren’t rugged and manly, but like a cherrub, he definitely wasn’t a boy anymore either.

Kevin’s hair was now spiked and short. Unlike when he left home with that floppy unkempt mess. His whisps of hair around his chin had been shaved into a pretty faint goatee that sat prominently on that angular soft chin. His spots had vanished and his skin showed almoswt no sign of what it had been like just months before. He’d even developed a sense of style with his thin flourescent green high collared jacket over his white wife beater and faded jeans. His shoulders had filled out a little too! They still weren’t round like a proper grown man’s, but they were much stronger looking than a few months ago when he left home.

“Hey Dad!” He had hugged me more effusively than he’d ever done before. The moment those strong arms wrapped around me I felt my stomach go crazy with butterflies. I didn’t quite have the words for it at that moment but I was falling in love with my son.

I’d wrestled Kevin as a boy and as a teen, we’d wrestled each other lots and I’d always won. In his embrace outside the trainstation I had, for the first time, the feeling that I was aging and he was getting stronger. For the first time I became aware that I might not beat him in a fight this time and it actually filled me with such pride! This young boy!

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