My Irresistible Brother

Horny taboo gay sex story. Twin brothers can't resist each other!
gay erotica

“Well.” Started the guy in the polo neck. “I dare say that you're both pretty handsome.”

Gray grinned “Yes, but who's MORE handsome?”

“Well.” The guy in the stripy green shirt continued. He was smiling at the silliness of Gray's question. “Do I have to choose? Aren’t you boys twins?”

“Absolutely and absolutely.” I goaded him on.

“Honestly, I can't tell the two of you apart.” Concluded the man in the polo shirt. “younger brother?” This had clearly confused him as well.

Graham had been eyeing them up over my shoulder the whole time we'd been drinking. In fact, this was possibly the first time in our adult lives that we'd been legally drinking together as gay men in a pub! We'd only come out during the last year of school and then we'd both been so busy getting through our exams. We'd discovered that we were gay in the most innocuous way. I'd come out with it first, asking Gray 'so you like guys too right?' and, of course, he'd been very casual in his response, 'well, yeah.' He had chuckled as if the question itself had been ridiculous.

In a sense it had been a ridiculous question. We'd both gotten to 17 and never had a girlfriend. We'd kind of spotted one another eyeing up guys and eyeing up each other at awkward moments and we'd always managed to hide form the truth. For the most part it was pretty cool, we got to chat about guys together and we exchanged notes. But honestly, it was still so new to both of us.

“So gay twin brothers!” Tom, the guy in the polo shirt, grinned at us both. “Have you boys ever...?” He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

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