Seduced by my Son's Boyfriend

Craig waltzed in the door in his usual casual style, his giant headphones hanging around his neck and his big purple baseball cap covering the front of his face. He gave me a big wave and a smile as he darted towards the toilet. Craig and Ethan are the same age, born one day apart. They are almost the same build, I thought, watching him head up the stairs. Craig, like me, had very thick curly brown Irish hair in contrast to Ethan’s blonde bowl. The way his loose-fitting sport clothes moved over his skinny little twinky frame was disturbingly reminiscent of Ethan.

That night over dinner we chatted as we usually did on a summer weekday night. Ethan was looking forwards to starting work after August, now his exams were out of the way. He’d opted to not go to university straight away and although I was a little sad, I could completely relate. I mean, in this day and age you’d have to be mad to rush such a big decision with so much debt attached to it!

As Craig spoke about his girlfriend, Melany, my eyes traced the smooth line of his jaw down to his slender neck. Was it me or did he look almost like Ethan suddenly? Ethan and those soft cum soaked lips! I didn’t actually hear what Craig was saying because I was starting to get hard thinking about his best friend. Fuck! There was a little tent forming in my trousers.

“Yo! Dad!” Craig laughed. “Have I got a hickey or something?”

“No! NO!” I jumped, I’d been caught in the act. I checked quickly, there was no way he could see my hardon.

“So what do you think?” He asked again with a grin. “You didn’t hear a bloody word I just said did you Dad!” and he laughed.

“Sorry son.” I must have turned beetroot red. I’d been looking at my own son getting turned on whilst thinking about his best friend. I was feeling very much like an old pervert. “What were you saying? I’m just a bit tired.”

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