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Revenge Gay Erotica Bundle

Horny Taboo Gay Erotica Bundle
22,000 horny words of scorned lovers and tormented teens who take steamy revenge into their own hands.
Seducing my Ex’s Dad:
Mason, a scorned lover who hatches a saucy plan to get revenge on his cheating ex-boyfriend Liam by seducing Liam’s sexy father. 
Seducing my Best Friend’s Dad:
When Noah’s best friend Ethan ditches him for the meanest girl in class, Noah decides to get revenge by sleeping with his best friend’s dad. Can the slender eighteen-year-old twink seduce hairy daddy Jeremy? 
Seducing my Ex’s New Boyfriend:
Alan leaves Ian devastated when he breaks up with his boyfriend of five years for a handsome younger man. Ian, however, isn’t going to take it lying down and hatches a sexy plot to get revenge on his ex. 
Seducing my Mum’s Boyfriend:
18-year-old David is sick of his alcoholic mother’s embarrassing behaviour. Her new boyfriend Richard, a well-meaning Christian who thinks he can help her clean up her act, also gets fed up of her drinking. Will Davi…

Taboo Gay Erotica 4

Seducing my Mother's Boyfriend

“You’re a bad boy aren’t you David?” He twisted my nipple as he spoke.
“I dunno, you’re the Christian who’s about to fuck me.” I grinned.
His shirt came off revealing his hairy chest. The hair was like one thick rug from his chest to his ankles. Thick black wires of hair that rubbed up against my smooth skin so seductively. Although I’d never been with anyone this hairy before, I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt. Sexiest yet was the feeling of his hard cock pushing up against my hole.
Almost organically, we manoeuvred into a 69 position. Richard’s cock had a lovely curved shape, the head poked out from the foreskin, revealing a glistening ball of pre cum at the end. He didn’t feel too experienced taking a cock into his mouth, but it felt good all the same. I gripped his thick dick, pulling the foreskin back to coax more of that salty goodness out of the end.
Even though it was big, Richard’s dick fit perfectly into my mouth. I was able to gobble it up al…

Taboo Gay Revenge Erotica 3

Seducing my Ex-Boyfriend's New Boyfriend
He threw on me on the bed, I landed with a gentle thud on the soft bedsheets. Their fabric slowly sank underneath me as Tony jumped on top of me, ripping his t-shirt off as he straddled me. So, I thought, it’s true: a hard cock doesn’t have a conscience.
We kissed like dogs on heat. I ran my hands around his body, dragging my fingers over the soft flesh beneath. Whilst kissing him, I bit his lip, hard. I was going to be rough with this little fuck, I decided. I looked deep into his eyes. He saw the look I was giving him and knew what was going on in my head. He panicked slightly.
I rolled him over, pinning his back to the bed, pulling his pants off forcefully. His eyes were wide with excited terror. I gave him a hard punch to the chest and he let out a sharp, painful exhale. The hard flesh of his pecs was lovely under my fist. He grunted angrily and punched me on my chest too. The pain shot through me in an excited ripple.
I leaned back in to k…

Taboo Gay Revenge Erotica 2

Seducing my Best Friend's Dad
That evening, stewing in angry thoughts, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jeremy’s big, hairy belly and the rolling 'brrrp' announcement of Grindr on his phone. Yeah, I decided, I was downloading Grindr. Within moments I was greeted by the old yellow and black skulls (seriously? Skulls? Is this hooking up or the apocalypse?)
Sure enough, within 2km of my house there was Jeremy, my best friend’s dad, ‘Master Chef’ according to his profile. I didn’t add a face pic to my profile. I called myself ‘cute twink boy’ which was completely true. 18-year-old twink boy looking for hairy older daddy.
“Hi.” I said to ‘Master Chef’
“Hi.” He replied instantly.
“We’re really close.”
“Yes, walking distance. Do you have a face?” This stumped me. I had a feeling that my face pic would scare him away. He hadn’t made a move on me in the house. I took a pic of my ass and sent him that. Whilst getting up to take the pic I started to get aroused and I gripped my cock, enjoy…

Taboo Gay Revenge Erotica 1

Seducing my Ex-Boyfriend's Dad
I was like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon at the end of that dark, dark week. A black butterfly of vengeance. The cocoon had burst open and I was ready to make Liam pay for tricking me. I now saw things so clearly. Liam was a moron and he was going to get his comeuppance when I worked my way through his friends. I was going to let them know what a terrible, small-dicked lover he really was.
Damn, it felt good getting fucked hard by his old college buddy, Tommy. It is true what they say: a hard dick has no conscience! Tommy had pounded me right over his kitchen counter and I’d shot all over the tiled floor. Then we’d sat naked sharing a glass of wine under a thick blanket, watching the sun setting over Manhattan. I casually slipped into the early part of the conversation how much bigger he was than Liam, how much better he was. He didn’t reply to those comments; he let them waft over him.

It was when I told him about the mystery wine stain on his so…

Horny Taboo Gay Christmas story

Daddy's Christmas Present(Spit Roasted by Dad & Santa) He started rubbing my face up against his crotch, I could feel his hard shaft underneath the soft red fabric of his trousers. Santa tugged his belt off and with a loud thud, his massive hard cock fell out and hit me on the face. It felt so warm compared to the cold winter night.

I took Santa’s hot cock into my little mouth, pulling his foreskin back to feel the smooth surface of his bellend pulsating in my mouth. With my hand, I massaged his big shaft, bringing soft sounds of enjoyment from his big bearded face.

“That’s a good boy Freddie.” Santa chuckled heartily.

Santa’s dick was almost too big to fit in my mouth, but I eased myself onto it slowly, working further along the shaft, taking more and more of it into me with each movement of my head. He was throbbing in my hand, showing his appreciation by swelling larger and larger. Whilst taking him into my mouth, I also worked his big hairy sack with my hand. Wow, he really di…