Daddy at the Glory Hole

Hardcore forbidden gay erotica story

The toilet was quite run down. ‘Cottaging’ was what they called it online, it always made me think of the English countryside and old women living in straw cottages. The ‘cottage’ - you know, the men’s toilet, was in a grey concrete slab about the size of a freight container. The smell, stale piss and metallic urinals, wafted out of the door as I went inside. At first the smell had made me feel queasy but after my first load I found it exhilarating. Every time the sharp stink of the urinals bit into my nostrils, I knew I was about to get my fill.

taboo gay erotica

The etiquette of the cottage was a little strange at first, but now I was something of an expert. There was a small wall of urinal space where guys would stand pretending to piss, sizing each other up, sometimes wanking into the urinal. This was a terrible waste, I thought. Why shoot a load into a urinal when you could put it in me? I’d not been back on Grindr since I discovered the cottage.

I always went straight into the middle cubicle, the one with a glory hole on either side of it. I couldn’t be bothered with all of that pretending to piss stuff. I just wanted to get a mouth and arsefull of cock! Who’d have believed, looking at me on my knees in a grubby toilet cubicle, that I was a grade A student on his way to Oxford?

The first cock to come through the glory hole that day was a nice straight and thick stiffy that bobbed slightly in time with his pulse. His bell-end stuck out from under his foreskin, coated with a glistening veneer of precum. He filled my mouth up, I pushed until my nose hit his pubes and my chin bumped up against the wooden hole. I kept up the rhythm, sliding my mouth back and forth along his shaft, his dick pulsating in my mouth.

Not wanting to waste his load in my mouth, I stood up, bent over and pushed my lubed up hole against his cock head. It slipped into my arse in one nice smooth motion and I gasped, pushing back until my bum cheeks hit against the cold wood of the wall behind me. There was always a slight ting of pain when a cock pushed deep into me like this. The pain was always quickly swallowed up by the pleasure. 

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