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For as long as I can remember- he's made me DIZZY WITH DESIRE!

Is he looking at me? But he doesn't even like guys...

He's so manly and confident... THE WAY HE HOLDS ME makes my skin tingle...

I need to feel HIS TONGUE IN MY MOUTH 



Man of the House: Mile High Club

Man of the House: At the Beach

Yes, Sir!

Wild Man of the Woods

Big Man on the Farm

Man of the House: Surfing Vacation

Forgive Me

Bonus Book: Man of the House Seduces his Scally

Gay, straight or... *gasp* bisexual

So last night at a barbecue, I met a very interesting woman. No don’t worry I haven’t gone straight- ha. But then saying that, she and I had a very interesting chat about sexuality. She told me very openly about her experiences with women, but was very confident that this didn’t make her gay, in fact she wasn’t in anyway concerned with trying to label the experiences. They were just things that had happened.
Sky Boss also had to admit that he has had experiences with women! Gasp! Don’t worry, little smutster- this rough raw and ready sex pig is still very gay. But what does that even mean? In our modern Western world it feels like it has long been accepted that women will have sexual experiences with other women, and nobody will think to label them as gay or straight or bi. However, modern Western society is much more obsessed with male sexuality and labelling it. It seems that a man cannot have an experience with another man without everybody jumping to declare that he is gay- or even-…

Is it possible to still be romantic and be a sex pig?

Is it possible to still be romantic and be a sex pig?
Since starting to write this blog I have been exploring erotica and romance on Amazon, I have been reading lots about these subjects. I have recently finished reading many beautiful MM romance novels, whilst I find many of them are very heteronormative, I can’t deny that there is something very special about falling in love. But is it possible to lead the sort of life that I want to lead and to be romantic? In the world of romance on Amazon it often seems as if romance can ONLY exist between two people, particularly if they’re basically behaving in tried and tested gender roles.

In recent months I’ve had a lot of sex with a loss of men, it dawned on me last night that I’ve not been on a date in nearly a year! So last night at the sauna – in all honesty I didn’t really want to go but had my arm twisted by my buddy – I met this incredibly handsome Thai guy.
We met in the darkroom, it was incredibly horny, one of those really powerful pa…

Fundamentalism may lead to cock sucking...

So I met my first ever fundamentalist Christian the other day, all I can say is wow! It started off as a really innocuous conversation, he and his family have moved to Thailand, they live in the area where I’m renting a room. They seemed so nice, so normal. They gave me tea and biscuits, talked about what I do for a job (the other job, the non erotica job, is highly respectable, you’d never guess that Sky Boss was a raging BB cum slut).
When he asked me if I had a wife or girlfriend, I told him, no, I’m gay. There was a half second of awkward pause and then he asked me “Are you sure?”

Now I’ve had many strange questions in my time, but I’ve never been asked if I’m sure that I’m gay. Instantly, I knew something was up. That was when he started to tell me about the bible, and the teachings of Jesus. I kindly asked him to point me to his bible and instructed him to show me 1 Corinthians 6:9, once I saw that he was sporting a New International English Bible I knew that this conversation was…

I own it! I'm a bareback slut!

Greetings from Thailand,
Where to begin? What a month it’s been, trekking in jungles, climbing up crazy monkey infested mountains to get to temples, swimming in the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen and fucking some of the hottest, horniest guys I’ve ever met.
Why are Thai guys so hot? Is it the climate that makes them so horny? I mean, they’re all just gagging for it, and not just the money boys. From Bangkok to Phuket and back up to Chiang Mai, these horny guys just seem to want more cock.
Maybe it’s the spicy food? It must be that. I can’t see what else could be making these guys into such insatiable bottom sluts.
So first off, I have to own it, I’m a total bareback slut! I totally caved, despite all of that new years talk, all of those stupid resolutions, what was I thinking? Who was I kidding?
I’m meant to give hot, juicy loads to these horny, hungry bottoms. That’s what I’m here to do, service the bottoms & get them wet. I tried, honestly, I tried. I went to a sauna and I to…

Horny Taboo Gay Christmas Surprise

Sexy Gay ChristmasOnly $0.99 until December 31st

 “Oh daddy…” I moaned as Santa’s big beard pushed up into my ass crack and his tongue made its way into my ring. Stepdad held the back of my head with his big strong hands, really digging his fingers in as he forced his tongue deep inside me mouth.
I felt my tight little arsehole being spread by Santa’s expert tongue, the sensation was so soft and wet.
Then Santa started to chuckle, letting out a mighty “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Right into my ass crack. The feeling of Santa chuckling rippled through my whole body, coming out of my mouth. I could see the surprise on stepdad’s face as he felt Santa’s deep laugh rippling through me and into him!
After that brief moment of gentleness, Santa took a deep, snorting breath and pushed his whole face deep into my ass crack. I couldn’t help but let out a pathetic little yelp as Santa’s tongue ploughed right into me. Stepdad held me tight, kissing me lovingly. The thick hair of stepdad’s chest rubbed up against my…

Seducing the man of the House

4 story horny bundle

This horny 4 story box set contains the following sexy stories for only $5.99
Coming home from University This 5,000 word story is about Jake, a handsome, young freshman who comes home for a break during his first term at university. Despite two months at university, Jake is still inexperienced and innocent. During his stay at home, Jake realises that he’s fallen for the man of the house and makes a drunken pass at him. Will their relationship be broken, or will it bring the two of them together?

Meeting him at the bathhouse
This 5,500 word story is about Greg, a bored, horny 18 year old who has discovered his local bath house is a great way to pass the time during the summer holidays. He’s always had a thing for older guys, but when he has a saucy encounter with the Man of the House in the bathhouse darkroom, his world gets turned upside down.
Will their relationship be ruined forever? Or will the Man of the House succumb to Greg’s sexy 18 year old seductions?