Spit Roasted by Dad and the Vampire

Horny story of father and son forced to fuck by a vampire!

Without a moment’s hesitation, Dad ripped my tuxedo open. Ripping it off till my smooth upper body was completely exposed to the cold of the barren room. I turned to move towards the door and Vlad was suddenly stood in front of me grinning. Dad grabbed my naked flesh and pulled me towards him, hugging me in close he started trying to kiss me. I struggled against his huge strong arms with every ounce of strength I had but it wasn’t enough, he held me in place and forced his tongue down my throat. I felt so weak and pathetic, struggling against Dad’s strong grip and his wet, warm tongue.

Vlad stood unmoving from the door, laughing with a deep booming voice as if this was the funniest thing he had ever seen. I didn’t have time to make sense of it, but I was sure that the garlic had stopped him from getting into my head like he had Dad’s.

In a sudden burst of terrified strength I broke free of Dad’s arms and turned to run to the other side of the room but he grabbed at me and I stumbled into the coffin, landing on my back in the soft padded interior. I screamed and screamed in horror as Dad jumped on top of my topless torso and started kissing me again. His tongue pushed into my mouth, forcing me open as his fingers scratched at my exposed flesh. I tried to turn my head but everywhere I looked Dad found me, forcing his way back into my mouth.

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