Dad Seduces Scally Lad

Horny daddy Tom seduces his sexy son Andy.

“Yeah, of course... Look, how'd you feel if I bring Stacy to watch the game with us...”

Tom laughed, slightly nervously and then a horny taboo thought cropped into his head: “How's this son, y' try and fuck her, with a johnny, before the game... if she can give y' a hardon, bring her. If she can't, dump her.”

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Andy stared at his Dad in wide eyed shock. He wasn't just in shock at what his Dad had said, he was also in shock at the effect it had upon him. His cock had twitched to life in his hand under his tracksuit bottoms and it felt good, slowly getting stiffer in his hand, it expanded gently, like a balloon filling with water, unfolding in his palm till it was almost completely hard. He clenched his hand tight around it, enjoying that lovely warm sensation. He'd never imagined that his old man talking about sex would turn him on.

Tom watched this unfolding scene eagerly with both excitement and disbelief. The outline of his son's sausage looked pretty impressive through his trousers. He felt his own member stirring to life in his groin. Both men, Dad and lad, looked each other in the eyes. Andy's eyes looked worried, lustful and lost. Tom took the lead and leaned in to kiss his cute son's soft lips, gripping him by the back of the head. At first Andy hesitated, pushing away against his Dad's strong grip. The older man held his son in place, pushing forwards against his slender frame and weak attempts to escape.

Where their lips met, the feeling was so fucking good that Andy found himself giving in in no time at all. His Dad's older, more experienced tongue found its way into his mouth like an expert striker scoring a goal. Tom's tongue was big and fat but soft and wet at the same time. It felt so lovely feeling both of their tongues pushing up against each other in the soft wet goal of their mouths. As Andy eased into the kiss, Tom worked his other hand up the lad’s T-shirt, feeling the firmness of his abs under his hand. Moving his hand slowly up that smooth washboard towards his little nipples.

Andy had never had his nipples worked like this. He'd never been with an experienced veteran of man sex before! He'd never in his wildest dreams imagined kissing his Dad! Never imagined kissing his Dad would be this good! His Dad twisted his nipple with a huge amount of force, causing him to shout out somewhere between pain and pleasure. The feeling left his cock throbbing for more and he gave himself a gentle stroke of his cock whilst his old man held him firmly in place, forcing his tongue deeper into his mouth. Andy felt so small in Dad's strong manly embrace. The feeling was more amazing than anything he had ever had before!

Then Andy’s phone started ringing. The noise, like a brick thrown through a window, smashed the moment. Tom hesitated for a moment and Andy took that moment to break free from his Dad's grip and jumped up. Seeing that it was Stacy on the phone he shot to the front door like he'd just made off with the ball and was darting to the goal. He didn't say a word to his Dad as he burst out of the front door, slamming it shut behind himself.

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