Teaching him to Take it (Like a Man)

Horny gay erotica story of a father seducing his son

forbidden gay sex
When he started filling out after 16, when his shoulders started getting broader and his face started to get manlier, he kept on wearing eyeshadow. He got into some trouble with some of the boys in school and I had a massive shouting match in the street, chasing a bunch of kids off our lawn. It was the first time I’d had to make a real loud clear statement of support for him rather than a quiet acceptance. I think it was that that moved him to tears more than the other boys’ reactions.

That night he sobbed into my arms, his little frame, filling out as it was, still felt small and boyish when I held him. He hugged me so lovingly, so adoringly, trembling with terror as he realised that he was living in a world that wouldn’t always accept him for who he was. As he realised that I loved him for who he was and that I would protect him. That I was proud of him for being who he was.

None of this ever-made sense to me, I’d never even met a gay person before Brad came out to me. But I knew that I loved my son and I wanted him to grow up to be the man he was. I cradled him, looking down at the tears and the mascara running down his cute little face and I didn’t realise how crippling the love I was feeling was. My heart was racing and my stomach was fluttering with butterflies. I felt such pride that this boy was mine. That he was his own person and my person. That no matter what the outside world said, he would be himself.

We started sharing a bed together. Cuddling each other to sleep at night. He was so small in my arms. We never spoke about it but we both missed his mother so much. The cuddling was just so sweet and innocent. Like a pair of puppies. We hadn’t done this since he was a boy. There was nothing more than the loving sensation of a father and his son getting warmth from one another in the winter. Ok he was a little big to be sharing my bed at 16, but hey, we were both happy together.

It wasn’t until after his eighteenth birthday that I understood that I was physically attracted to him. That I didn’t want to just hold him. I realised this one jealous afternoon when I came home early from work to find my innocent Brad bent over the sofa being fucked by some big hairy biker guy. The pot-bellied hairy man with his massive cock and nipple piercings had Brad in a curly blonde wig and was pounding him HARD. The whole time Brad was wailing like a bitch, he was making the sort of noises I’ve never heard come out of a man’s mouth.

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