Taboo gay intergenerational sex story

Seduced & spit roasted by my Dad and Granddad!
Taboo gay sex story!

Joe struggled to make sense of what he was looking at through his stoned haze. He was enjoying the sensations so much that the part of his brain that wanted to panic and run was almost silent. He chuckled slightly, feeling his prick straining inside Granddad's mouth. Then for a brief moment he resisted. Pushing against his father he tried to jump up but he was so stoned! His Dad hardly had to use any strength to hold him still. The weed totally zapped whatever strength he should have had and he simply couldn't bring himself to move that far that fast.

He kept struggling slightly under his Dad's strong arms but his struggles became weaker and less involved. It actually felt amazing having that experienced old mouth working his youthful cock and the longer he stayed there the less he felt he the urge to resist. Dad's lips pressed up against his own, big, soft and wet. He couldn't resist the tingling whole body pleasure as Grandpa took the entirety of him into his mouth in one long sloppy sounding motion. His whole dick vanished into that bearded older mouth right down to the pubes. He could feel it inside his Grandpa, twitching with jolts of joy.

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