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Fundamentalism may lead to cock sucking...

So I met my first ever fundamentalist Christian the other day, all I can say is wow! It started off as a really innocuous conversation, he and his family have moved to Thailand, they live in the area where I’m renting a room. They seemed so nice, so normal. They gave me tea and biscuits, talked about what I do for a job (the other job, the non erotica job, is highly respectable, you’d never guess that Sky Boss was a raging BB cum slut).
When he asked me if I had a wife or girlfriend, I told him, no, I’m gay. There was a half second of awkward pause and then he asked me “Are you sure?”

Now I’ve had many strange questions in my time, but I’ve never been asked if I’m sure that I’m gay. Instantly, I knew something was up. That was when he started to tell me about the bible, and the teachings of Jesus. I kindly asked him to point me to his bible and instructed him to show me 1 Corinthians 6:9, once I saw that he was sporting a New International English Bible I knew that this conversation was…

I own it! I'm a bareback slut!

Greetings from Thailand,
Where to begin? What a month it’s been, trekking in jungles, climbing up crazy monkey infested mountains to get to temples, swimming in the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen and fucking some of the hottest, horniest guys I’ve ever met.
Why are Thai guys so hot? Is it the climate that makes them so horny? I mean, they’re all just gagging for it, and not just the money boys. From Bangkok to Phuket and back up to Chiang Mai, these horny guys just seem to want more cock.
Maybe it’s the spicy food? It must be that. I can’t see what else could be making these guys into such insatiable bottom sluts.
So first off, I have to own it, I’m a total bareback slut! I totally caved, despite all of that new years talk, all of those stupid resolutions, what was I thinking? Who was I kidding?
I’m meant to give hot, juicy loads to these horny, hungry bottoms. That’s what I’m here to do, service the bottoms & get them wet. I tried, honestly, I tried. I went to a sauna and I to…