Taboo Gay Revenge Erotica 3

Seducing my Ex-Boyfriend's New Boyfriend
Gay taboo erotica

He threw on me on the bed, I landed with a gentle thud on the soft bedsheets. Their fabric slowly sank underneath me as Tony jumped on top of me, ripping his t-shirt off as he straddled me. So, I thought, it’s true: a hard cock doesn’t have a conscience.

We kissed like dogs on heat. I ran my hands around his body, dragging my fingers over the soft flesh beneath. Whilst kissing him, I bit his lip, hard. I was going to be rough with this little fuck, I decided. I looked deep into his eyes. He saw the look I was giving him and knew what was going on in my head. He panicked slightly.

I rolled him over, pinning his back to the bed, pulling his pants off forcefully. His eyes were wide with excited terror. I gave him a hard punch to the chest and he let out a sharp, painful exhale. The hard flesh of his pecs was lovely under my fist. He grunted angrily and punched me on my chest too. The pain shot through me in an excited ripple.

I leaned back in to kiss him. The only thing between my hard shaft and his exposed hole was the thin cloth of my underwear. Even that was getting wet with pre cum. I really pushed down from my hips, pinning his big, naked frame underneath me whilst biting hard on his neck. He shouted out some kind of protest, but I kept on biting him, sucking hard on the flesh of his neck, really feeling it moving around my teeth.

“FUCK! Oh god that feels good!” He shouted. “Not so hard! Not so hard.”

I pulled back off him, satisfied that I would have left a mark and I chuckled as if it had been a little bit of a misunderstanding. I let my eyes say sorry whilst I twisted his nipples. I twisted them till the look in his eyes moved beyond pleasure and into pain.

“Oh god! You’re the roughest guy I’ve ever fooled around with…” He said looking up at me with wide eyes. “Do you fuck like that too?”

“Oh honey.” I smiled angelically. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week.” 

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