Taboo Gay Revenge Erotica 2

Seducing my Best Friend's Dad
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Sure enough, within 2km of my house there was Jeremy, my best friend’s dad, ‘Master Chef’ according to his profile. I didn’t add a face pic to my profile. I called myself ‘cute twink boy’ which was completely true. 18-year-old twink boy looking for hairy older daddy.

“Hi.” I said to ‘Master Chef’

“Hi.” He replied instantly.

“We’re really close.”

“Yes, walking distance. Do you have a face?” This stumped me. I had a feeling that my face pic would scare him away. He hadn’t made a move on me in the house. I took a pic of my ass and sent him that. Whilst getting up to take the pic I started to get aroused and I gripped my cock, enjoying the sensation of it filling up. This had to be another pic; my hard dick looked good. I sent over the pics. He replied with his.

Oh my God! I was looking at Jeremy’s cock and ass! What an ass! It was big and chunky and hairy, like a forest, held up into place by a black jock strap.

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