Taboo Gay Revenge Erotica 1

Seducing my Ex-Boyfriend's Dad

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I was like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon at the end of that dark, dark week. A black butterfly of vengeance. The cocoon had burst open and I was ready to make Liam pay for tricking me. I now saw things so clearly. Liam was a moron and he was going to get his comeuppance when I worked my way through his friends. I was going to let them know what a terrible, small-dicked lover he really was.

Damn, it felt good getting fucked hard by his old college buddy, Tommy. It is true what they say: a hard dick has no conscience! Tommy had pounded me right over his kitchen counter and I’d shot all over the tiled floor. Then we’d sat naked sharing a glass of wine under a thick blanket, watching the sun setting over Manhattan. I casually slipped into the early part of the conversation how much bigger he was than Liam, how much better he was. He didn’t reply to those comments; he let them waft over him.

It was when I told him about the mystery wine stain on his sofa that had never been explained that he started paying attention. Liam had spilled his red wine on Tommy’s new sofa at a party last year, and I’d been sworn to secrecy, of course. It had been eating me alive all this time, I told him. That was the bit that tipped Tommy over the edge. Although he didn’t show it in his face, I saw it behind his eyes.

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