Taboo Gay Erotica 4

Seducing my Mother's Boyfriend

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“You’re a bad boy aren’t you David?” He twisted my nipple as he spoke.

“I dunno, you’re the Christian who’s about to fuck me.” I grinned.

His shirt came off revealing his hairy chest. The hair was like one thick rug from his chest to his ankles. Thick black wires of hair that rubbed up against my smooth skin so seductively. Although I’d never been with anyone this hairy before, I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt. Sexiest yet was the feeling of his hard cock pushing up against my hole.

Almost organically, we manoeuvred into a 69 position. Richard’s cock had a lovely curved shape, the head poked out from the foreskin, revealing a glistening ball of pre cum at the end. He didn’t feel too experienced taking a cock into his mouth, but it felt good all the same. I gripped his thick dick, pulling the foreskin back to coax more of that salty goodness out of the end.

Even though it was big, Richard’s dick fit perfectly into my mouth. I was able to gobble it up all the way to the end! I was pretty proud of myself, feeling him filling my mouth right to the back whilst I filled his up. All the while we were kissing, he grabbed and squeezed at my arse cheeks, pulling them apart, pushing his fingers in deep, really marking his territory. This sloppy sucking continued for a blissfully long time. I felt my prick twitching inside Richard’s mouth with the excitement.

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