Is it possible to still be romantic and be a sex pig?

Is it possible to still be romantic and be a sex pig?

Since starting to write this blog I have been exploring erotica and romance on Amazon, I have been reading lots about these subjects. I have recently finished reading many beautiful MM romance novels, whilst I find many of them are very heteronormative, I can’t deny that there is something very special about falling in love. But is it possible to lead the sort of life that I want to lead and to be romantic? In the world of romance on Amazon it often seems as if romance can ONLY exist between two people, particularly if they’re basically behaving in tried and tested gender roles.

In recent months I’ve had a lot of sex with a loss of men, it dawned on me last night that I’ve not been on a date in nearly a year! So last night at the sauna – in all honesty I didn’t really want to go but had my arm twisted by my buddy – I met this incredibly handsome Thai guy.

We met in the darkroom, it was incredibly horny, one of those really powerful passionate moments of pure physical attraction. It was energetic, dark horny sex. His smooth Thai skin was such a turn on, he wriggled his raw arse over the tip of my cock, coaxing me to slip inside him without a condom. I didn’t take much persuading, his little hole was already nice and wet from the good tonguing I’d just given it.

When I slipped inside him he was tight, but wet. I love feeling a smooth tight-Thai hole stretching around my raw cock. His moans were delicious, and I could feel him writhing around underneath me in ecstasy. The harder I fucked him the more he loosened up and the more my pre cum lubed him up! His smooth legs rubbed up against my hairy behind as I ploughed into him.

In the sheer excitement of this moment we fucked like bunnies, it was so unbelievably horny- we lost track of time. His delicate little lips danced over mine so softly and tenderly. As the easy wipe clean little cubicle of the sauna became like a sweat box we decided it was time to go for a drink. He was such an incredibly cute guy, we had so much in common – that we decided to exchange phone numbers.

He was in a rush to go and meet his friend for dinner, but he said he could come meet me later that evening for a drink. We spent a wonderful evening together drinking, having fun and laughing. I went back to his hotel and we fooled around some more before falling asleep cuddling each other. In the morning we woke and we played some more, with the fabulous view of Chiang Mai city sprawling beneath us from his top floor hotel.

I don’t see any immediate future in this, he lives in Bangkok and although I’ll be visiting there for a few days, after that I’m off to Australia. But one thing the encounter did teach me, is that I would really love someone to come to the sauna with me. Another bareback sex pig, like myself to share these little adventures with.

Perhaps I’ve been reading too much romance literature on Amazon?

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