Top 3 Christmas tips to keep the weight off

Emergency Christmas diet tips

The Sky Boss emergency pre Christmas diet!

Oh my god! One week back from Tenerife and I am feeling fat! Yes, I did a hell of a lot of drinking and smoking during my wee break, lord please forgive me! With Christmas now on the horizon the waist line can only expand as the weeks continue...
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Do you ever feel like you're getting fatter over Christmas too? This year I've promised myself that if I cannot achieve a reduction in my waist line in the comings weeks – I'm going to have to achieve stand still until AFTER the festive period. Let's face it folks, the winter solstice is the time for staying in and eating chocolate and drinking (a lot of drinking) – but is it possible to avoid getting morbidly obese during the next few weeks?

I do believe so, and here are my top 3 tips that will help you from piling on the pounds during the chocolate onslaught that is Christmas.

1) drink white wine or spirits with diet fizz.

I love beer and wine and will definitely be having plenty over Christmas, but I'll be drinking lots of calorie light spirits with diet soft drinks in place of beer too!

2) Eat less chocolate and fewer crisps and more fruit

Chocolate and cake are ubiquitous at Christmas and trying to avoid them is like trying to avoid getting wet in the rain. I love chocolate and will be eating plenty of it over Christmas, just don't go crazy. Treating yourself to a few pieces of chocolate is quite different from scoffing an entire bar! Eat a bit of fruit and reward yourself with a bit of chocolate! Getting an entire chocolate orange doesn't mean you need to eat it all (in one sitting!)

3) Stick to your exercise regime

It's easy to let things slide during the festive period – especially in the cold and dark holiday from Christmas to New Years – but don't stop exercising! A little jog or a swim, a bit of footie or whatever takes your fancy WILL help you feel better AND leave room for a bit of chocolate ;-)
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So remember – Christmas comes but once a year – it's a great time to catch up with loved ones and be merry. We drink and eat because let's face it – it's getting cold and dark and we've got 3 more months before life's worth living again! But your summer body is being made NOW in the depths of winter! Stick with my 3 top tips and you should avoid adding extra weight that's hard to shift in January! Let's keep from getting any fatter and then worry about losing weight AFTER Christmas!

So, what're your top tips for keeping in shape during the holiday season?

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