Abuse of Power: Gay Erotica Bundle

gay erotica box set

Taken by the Gay Billionaire Hollywood Director (Abuse of Power 1)
This 4,500 word story is about Dale, from Iowa, a cute 22 year old twink with a gorgeous slender six pack. Dale moves to L.A. to pursue his dream of becoming a movie star, whilst waiting tables he meets handsome billionaire director Peter. Now that Dale has the opportunity to get what he wants; how far will he go to make it to the top?

Seduced by my College Professor (Abuse of Power 2)
This 4,700-word story is about Will, a college freshman who develops a crush on Prof D, his economics professor. Will’s never been attracted to guys before, but Prof D has this sexy power over him, he could literally make or break Will’s future- and that turns Will on. Will the inexperienced younger man seduce his older professor to get what he wants?

Seduced by the Politician at Pestminster (Abuse of Power 3)
This 4,300 word story is about Joe, a first year university student who takes an internship with his local member of parliament and personal idol, John Baxter MP. John is charismatic, authoritative and sexy. Joe didn’t expect that his new boss would have such an effect on him, or that he would offer him such a gateway to success.

Sun, sea & seduction a gay man in uniform Erotica short story (Abuse of Power 4)
This story 4,400 word story is about Rupert, a 21 year old British tourist in Tenerife who is caught up in a sexy misunderstanding with a local police officer. He wanted a bit of sun, sea and sex, maybe even a bit of adventure...  He never imagined that he'd be caught in the cross fire between the local police and the Russian mob. Will Miguel, the local police officer, believe that Rupert is innocent? Or will he think that he's part of the Russian mob?

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