Abuse of Power 4

a gay man in uniform Erotica short story (Abuse of Power 4)

18+ only, this story 4,400 word story is about Rupert, a 21 year old British tourist in Tenerife who is caught up in a sexy misunderstanding with a local police officer. He wanted a bit of sun, sea and sex, maybe even a bit of adventure...  He never imagined that he'd be caught in the cross fire between the local police and the Russian mob. Will Miguel, the local police officer, believe that Rupert is innocent? Or will he think that he's part of the Russian mob?

gay erotica

“You have big trouble.” Miguel said very earnestly.

“What do you mean?” My hard prick strained against the fabric of my speedos, I was struggling to make sense of what happening.

“I find you on beach with big bag of cocaine.”

“It was the Russian's.” I protested.

“Si, but where are the Russians?” There was something about his tone. Threatening. Commanding. An affirmation of my position.

“I don't know...”

“So you must me, or you are in a real big trouble.” He gave me a gentle slap on the face with his cock.

“What do I have to do.” I looked up at him, submissive on my knees. The rock biting uncomfortably into me. That was the moment I completely surrendered to him, he must have seen it in my eyes because he started to smile.

He didn't say anything else, he just slipped out of his uniform, leaving his belt on his waist. His gorgeous naked frame, short and slender but muscular. His tight defined six pack and small pecks, were all highlighted by his tanned olive complexion. A small snail trail of pubes led from his belly button down to his cock, intersecting with his gun belt.

I was ordered to stand up with a motion of his hand, ordered to turn around with another. He moved in on my ass like a wild beast descending on its prey. He found my little hole with his tongue, working his way deep inside, spreading me, filling me, wetting me up. I could feel my sphincter pushing back against him. I could hear myself moaning, like the pleasure was getting so intense I couldn't register it. As if my mind wasn't able to process these sensations any more.

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