Mid Week Hot Gay Sauna Sex in London

Mid Week Hot Gay Sauna Sex in London

            I had a really sexy voyeristic fuck with a cute young twink in a London gay sauna

Every Tuesday I go to London for work. Yes, I know, despite my best efforts, I’m still working a ‘real job’ some of the time – a girls got to pay the bills! This particular Tuesday, work ended earlier than expected and I found myself in the unusual position of having an early afternoon free in the Big Smoke. The thought of doing something cultural or catching up with some friends and hanging out did cross my mind briefly, but then, I thought, I want to go to a gay sauna and get my dick wet.

When the weather is slightly rainy as it was this particular Tuesday, I always feel somehow justified in going to the sauna. I don’t know how it is in for other people, but for me, here in the UK, on those rare occasions when it’s sunny, it’s such a crime to NOT be outside that a trip to the sauna suddenly develops a new layer of sin and guilt. Perhaps I have some latent Catholic guilt, when it’s cold and rainy I feel less guilty about hanging around in subterranean caverns making love with strangers.

Chariots in Waterloo is a very particular place. The entrance is rather sterile, like the overly clean entrance to a hospital. It says functionality rather than sexuality. The man who greeted me at the door was friendly enough, he smiled politely, taking my money and engaging me in some small talk. I was greatly concerned by the fact that the sauna was selling cheap plastic flip flops at the entrance – was Chariots sauna really going to be that filthy? Or had I been missing a trick by not bringing flip flops to saunas in the past?

After my first round of the sauna I met a gorgeous tanned Brazilian and we found a cubicle where we fooled around for a while. The sex was hot and passionate. He sucked my cock like a pro, nearly making me cum at one point before I had to pull his sweaty face up to my lips and kiss him fiercely. Whilst we kissed my fingers fondled his arse hole, probing it gently, getting it ready to be fucked. After eating him out for a while and getting him ready with my tongue, he darted off to find a rubber and we had some really hot sex before I shot my load on his face. He told me sheepishly how he didn’t do that often with guys in saunas. Could have fooled me honey.
gay sex 
We chatted afterwards for a little while and he revealed that he had a boyfriend. Now I don’t mean to sound like a judgemental queen - but I am – now, if your boyfriend doesn’t know that you’re in an ‘open relationship’ that’s called cheating, in my humble opinion. He got quite upset at me when I pointed this little dilemma out to him. At the end of the day, how you run your life is up to you, but if you’re in a relationship with someone, you should be honest with them, spoke the Sky Boss. Fuck who the fuck you like, do it together, do it apart, but for heavens sakes! Don’t tell me you’re in an ‘open relationship’ that the other side doesn’t know about!

That small upset and the awkward, slightly preachy conversation that ensued, left me a bit drained and I decided to sit off and drink some tea whilst I watched the news. I nursed the cup of tea for a short while before I saw M enter the sauna. Now I don’t normally find twinks attractive, but this early 20 something had a certain slightly chubby cuteness with his frizzy hair and big wide eyes that caught my attention.

I followed M into the steam room and was quite disheartened when I lost him to some ripped big dicked fella I’d started sucking off earlier. The ripped big dick fella just wanted to sit back and be sucked off which quickly lost its appeal to me, I’d rather my sex were a two way thing…

Well M and the big dicked man weren’t gone long, M emerged looking slightly disheartened. When he spotted me, there was an instant connection and we quickly found ourselves alone in a cubicle. His legs were so hairy in total contrast to his belly and chest which were soft and smooth. M’s curvy cock, wet with precum, filled my mouth nicely, not too big and not too small. He gobbled me up nicely, taking every inch of me into his mouth.
gay sauna sex 
When it came to fucking, he opened up the cabin door and gave me a sly wink. M was so aware of how cute he looked and clearly wanted an audience. Once his little hole was all lubed up, without any warning he squatted on my raw cock and rode me up and down for a few pleasurable strokes. I couldn’t help but hug him close, feeling every inch of his body so smooth and natural against me. There was at least one guy at the door of our cubicle, gently stroking his hard cock as he watched M riding me raw.

M was clearly getting into his stride when I gently put my hand on his chest and with a smile I told him we needed to put a rubber on. A moment of dissatisfaction spread across his face but then he shrugged and complied. At this moment I felt so compelled to be the older man, to be the one who ‘did the right thing’, what would you have done in this situation?

So I fucked him good and hard on my back, on his back, on his knees. We were at it for a good hour or so with a stead audience at our cubicle door. It was incredibly horny being watched by a bunch of strangers. After a good hour of fucking, M told me he wanted to swallow my load. This kid was just too sexy to be true. He lay on his back, the tip of my cock hovering above his mouth as I jerked over his cute little face, spraying a gorgeous big load all over him. A huge smile spread across his cum covered lips and chin as he gobbled up my dick, all the way to my balls, sucking it till I was soft in his mouth, with a big moan and my soft dick in his mouth, he shot all over his tummy. The whole while a bunch of strangers stood stroking their hardons at the door.

Unlike my first lover of the day, M didn’t have a boyfriend and we didn’t have to have a little talk. He was in the UK studying English for 3months and unbeknownst to me at that time, would come to visit me in Brighton 3 weeks later.

I don’t mean to disparage Chariots as this is more of a problem with gay saunas in the UK in general but it was moderately dank on the inside. It was hardly a celebration of gay sex and more of an outward manifestation of inner guilt and shame. The wet sauna was rather insalubrious with what I am sure was a large patch of mould growing on the clear plastic ceiling. Suffice to say that I’m sure a few ciggies will be less harmful to my lungs than that wet sauna.

I actually had a nice time there and made a lovely connection with a great young man and now have a bed to sleep on in Mexico whenever I make it to that side of the pond. I won’t be rushing back to Chariots Waterloo but I also won’t say never again.

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