Meeting Dad in the Bathhouse

Horny gay incest story of father son sex at the bathhouse!

Both of our pricks were getting hard under our towels. I felt every single thick hair on his belly rubbing up against my smooth toned tummy. He grabbed my hardening girth in his hand through the towel, he started stroking my cock till I was completely hard. Then, with the sort of decisiveness that can only come from a daddy, he pushed me down by my shoulders. I fell to my knees and pulled that giant daddy cock out from under his towel. His smell was subtly familiar. Gripping all of him in my hand I jerked him off as I gobbled his head up in my mouth.

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I let out a little moan, feeling his pre cum leaking out of his Jap's eye and into my mouth. I was loving the taste of this big hairy daddy's pre cum. I was looking forwards to taking his load in my mouth. I could tell from the pulsating in his dick that he was loving my blowjob. His cock was swelling and throbbing inside my mouth and hand. There was suddenly a gentle tap on my head and his hand motioned for me to stand up.

He pushed me back into the wall and kissed me with a lustful gusto, pinning me to the wall with his big strong manly arms, his thick hairy chest scratching me gently. Then shoving his thick fingers down my throat, he descended onto his knees and took my seven inches into his mouth. I couldn't help but make a squealing noise! It felt so wet and delicious when his mouth was around my cock. The big hairy daddy made sloppy wet noises as he worked up and down along my dick, pulling it all the way out and then thrusting it all the way back into his mouth. With a loud gasp for air he came back up to his feet and started kissing me again. The taste of my pre cum lingered in his mouth. His lips tasted even better with me on them.

With a tug of my hand he motioned for us to go out of the darkroom. I followed him back into the maze and along the dim rope lit corridor. Our hardons pointing the way like compasses in front of us.

We stepped out of the dark corridor and into the light area outside. He turned around and we both gasped, at first I didn't believe my eyes but then I realised who I was looking at, it was my Dad, I'd just been giving my Dad head in a darkroom… We both glared at each other for a very long time before he spoke first.

“Oh my god.” Dad gasped, putting his hand to his mouth.

“Oh shit...” We both looked at each other in absolute disbelief for what felt like another very long time. 

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