Seducing the man of the House

4 story horny bundle

forbidden gay sex

This horny 4 story box set contains the following sexy stories for only $5.99

Coming home from University
This 5,000 word story is about Jake, a handsome, young freshman who comes home for a break during his first term at university. Despite two months at university, Jake is still inexperienced and innocent.
During his stay at home, Jake realises that he’s fallen for the man of the house and makes a drunken pass at him. Will their relationship be broken, or will it bring the two of them together?

Meeting him at the bathhouse

This 5,500 word story is about Greg, a bored, horny 18 year old who has discovered his local bath house is a great way to pass the time during the summer holidays. He’s always had a thing for older guys, but when he has a saucy encounter with the Man of the House in the bathhouse darkroom, his world gets turned upside down.

Will their relationship be ruined forever? Or will the Man of the House succumb to Greg’s sexy 18 year old seductions?

Seducing Him

This is a story about Jamie- young, bored & horny! He’s always had a thing for big hairy daddies, and now he’s on summer vacation he’s got his sights set on the Man of the House.

Will Jamie get Gavin to inject some excitement into his summer holidays? Or will his youthful advances ruin their relationship?

Falling for the Man of the House
This 4,200 word story is about Andy, a regular straight Man of the House. When Kevin comes home from university for the summer vacation, Andy feels his bosom swelling with uncontollable pride, love & lust.
Whilst Kevin is at home, their connection grows deeper and stronger and soon the pair find themselves in a horny loving encounter. Kevin can’t keep his hands off the Man of the House.
But, will the pair be drawn together? Or ripped apart by guilt and fear?

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