Butterfly Club - Tenerife - when is enough sex, enough sex?

More cock! More ass! No holes-barred hot sex!

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 If you've been following my sexploits on this blog, my Twitter of my Facebook, you'll have noticed that last week, Sky Boss went very quiet. I was whisked away to Tenerife by my equally horny, sexy friend! We had a pretty exciting week of cruising the beaches, picking up guys and being generally very naughty! The weather was lovely, the perfect little rest bite form the cold of the British winter!

On Friday 24th November, tanked up on spicy Spanish rum, we visited Butterfly club, the only gay club in South Tenerife. By the time we arrived, we were both pretty wasted! The Spanish measure their alcohol with such liberal abandon!

The club itself was a decent size. I'm using the past tense here, not because we fucked it up, but because the club itself collapsed on Saturday 25th

So we danced, chatting away to the various sexy men who were flaunting themselves on the dance floor and in the smoking area. I initially ignored the dark room, deciding to focus my drunken energy on the dance floor. I danced up to and started kissing a gorgeous blonde east European hunk, running my hands up and over his sexy body as we swayed on the dance floor.

At points my friend would reappear from the darkroom, dance for a while or drag me off for a cigarette. I don't actually smoke that much! Somehow, that night, I managed to smoke my way through an entire 20 pack! Of course, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

So we danced some more, grinding up and down, my friend and the hunky east European guy got it on on the dance floor. I chatted with a couple of sexy boys from the south coast. Admittedly I made lots of new friends on the dance floor but couldn't remember any of their names in the morning.

I found my way into the dark room around 4am. The darkroom was twice the size of the club! It was fabulous, far better decorated than any dark room I've come across here in the UK. There was a small orgy taking place in one of the little nooks of the dark room. The couple from the south coast, one of them was bent over, sucking his fella off whilst getting fucked raw up the arse by the eastern European guy!

It was beautiful, dark and sexy. The moans and groans of pleasure still make me hard, even more than a week later.

Then there was this other guy, a sexy wee dancer with blonde hair. His ear was pierced and his cock was hard as a rock. We got it on in the darkroom, he rode my raw dick, writing his sexy body on top of mine as the hot eastern European guy from before slid in and we double penetrated him! Fucking his hot hole till it was sloppy with our cum.

We got a taxi back to where we were staying around 5am when the club finally kicked us out. Everyone was looking a little worse for wear!
The next night, Butterfly club collapsed upon itself. Last I read, close to 30 people had been injured. I thank my lucky stars that I wasn't there that night!

I took it as a sign (well, you can take anything as a sign can't you!?). In 2018 I'm no longer having unprotected sex with strangers (never say never). I've been on some pretty wild rides in the last few months but I think for 2018 it's time to focus on my sexual health, having more quality sex rather than a vast quantity of sex.

I'm not casting judgement on sex clubs or people who frequent them, I've been to plenty. But when is enough sex, well, enough sex?

Share some details about your own sexual journey below.

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