Abuse of Power 3

This 4,300 word story is about Joe, a first year university student who takes an internship with his local member of parliament and personal idol, John Baxter MP. John is charismatic, authoritative and sexy. Joe didn’t expect that his new boss would have such an effect on him, or that he would offer him such a gateway to success.

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John dropped to his knees, a look of lust filled his eyes as he got to work on my dick. I gasped as he devoured every inch of me with one deep breath, pushing his nose up against my pubes. He fondled my balls, squeezing them and tickling them as he swallowed my dick. He looked up at me, holding my dick like a microphone whilst wanking the shaft with his hand.

“You’re a very sexy young man Joe.” My prick twitched in reply. “You’ve really got potential.”

I grabbed his head, pulling him back over my cock, filling him up with my youth and ambition. It was like this amazing feeling, being ready to blow in his mouth, like I was going to blow myself to success. This was such a transaction, my hard cock in exchange for his… Power and patronage? I hadn’t got anything in writing.

He moved back in to start kissing me, I gently placed my finger tip in front of his lips and gave him a little wink, finding his cock with my other hand.

“What are you giving me then?” I said calmly. “You get my body. What do I get in return?”

A devilish grin spread across his face, it was complimented by the powerful pride in his eyes. “Clever boy.” He breathed.

“Well?” I pulled back, my hardon throbbing between us.

“What do you want?”

“I want to be an MP by the time I leave university.”

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