Spitroasted by Dad and the Cop

In this hot gay incest story, father James has to teach his bad boy Steven a lesson by spit roasting him with a cop, read an excerpt here:

   James was shocked to find Steven in the room, bound to a chair and looking really pissed off. The room smelt mildly of stuffy sweat, like the windows had never been opened.

“Look who we have here Stevie boy?” Garry gave Steven a firm poke in his side.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” Steven grunted at his father.

“Why is he tied up?” James couldn't hide his shock at seeing his boy, looking so defenceless and small with his arms tied behind him on the chair and his messy hair tattered all around his face.

Garry shot James a look from behind Steven. The look spoke volumes: shut up and play along.

“Yeah Garry, this isn't even fucking legal.” Steven grunted out triumphantly.

Garry slapped Steven hard across the face. The loud thwak of his hand hitting Steven in the face brought a pronounced moment of silence over them all.

“And driving high as a kite...” Garry slapped Steven on the other cheek. “Is smoking dope legal now? IS IT!?”

“No... it isn't.” James flopped into a free chair, putting his hand to his mouth. “Oh Jesus Steven, what have you done?”

Steven looked up at Garry with defiant hatred. “Well you know who lets me smoke weed in his house anyway...” Garry didn't let Steven finish that sentence before he struck him across the face again.

“I didn't ask you to speak yet Steven.” Garry just glared at the lad tied up on the chair. “Now getting high definitely isn't legal. What's the speed limit Steven?”

A spark of defiance passed over Steven's eyes but he stopped himself from saying the really nasty things he was thinking for fear of another slap. “30 miles per hour...” He sounded a little tamer than before.

“How fast were you driving 'ey lad?” Garry barked.

Steven hesitated.

“You don't remember because you were high as a fucking kite...” Garry said with a cold calmness that was much more unsettling than shouting. “How much grass did you have in your car?”

Steven looked at his Dad with big eyes that were now fearful.

“How much son?” James did his best to keep his face composed.

“A hell of a lot, wasn't it Stevie.” Garry pulled up a chair directly in front of Steven and glared directly into his huge terrified eyes.

“I... I... I want a lawyer.” Steven whimpered.

“A lawyer?!” Garry was laughing so hard that it looked like he was going to fall off his chair. “So you know you were in the wrong?”

“No... I...”

“You wouldn't want a lawyer if you hadn't done anything wrong... Now listen up and listen good, Steven.” Garry leaned right in till his grizzly beard bristled against Steven's soft little ear. “You fucked up big time, didn't you?”

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