Son seduces Daddy, gay taboo incest erotica

Coming home from university
Son seduces Daddy, gay taboo incest erotica
gay erotica, gay incest

My first short story 'Coming home from university' is now available on here.

Check out this short extract below:

That night they hugged before bed. Another beautiful long hug that Jake wished would never end. Another hug where Jake felt like he would melt into his Dad’s manly embrace. It was his Dad, who after a very long moment, ended the hug with a gentle pat on the back and again he moved in to kiss Jake on the cheek.

In the excitement of the beer and of coming home, Jake saw his Dad’s lips moving towards his cheek and moved to kiss his old man on the lips. Their lips met and they kissed naturally, lip to lip for a long heartbeat. In this beautiful embrace, their lips touching for an endless moment, Jake was suddenly spurred on by a youthful jilt of nerves and he gently slipped the tip of his tongue out from between his lips to meet his Dad’s lips.

Thomas responded gently, feeling his big arms wrapped around his little son, enjoying the feeling of their embrace and the gentle meeting of their lips. Suddenly, after enjoying the sensation, he realised that he had opened his mouth and that Jake's tongue had slid gently into his mouth. He jumped back in hesitation, feeling terrified by how much he had just enjoyed that sensation.

Both father and son stood in shock, looking at each other wide eyed and confused. Thomas, in a deeper than usual tone spoke with a very masculine, heterosexual at the pub nod of his head. “Right son. Good to see y', g' night.” And with a nod of his head at Jake, he awkwardly turned around faster than you could say 'boo' and shut his bedroom door.

Jake lay in bed till very late that night, tossing and turning under the covers. He was gripped in a cloud of horny worry about what had happened between him and his Dad. Was his Dad angry? Was his Dad going to be pissed off at him?

The worry came in waves and when the worry receded it left horniness in its wake. The more he played with his cock, the more the worry receded. He had started off getting a semi when he was hugging his Dad before their awkward aborted kiss. Normally he would switch on Grindr and find a fuck at times like this. He had hardly dealt with his own wood without a helping hand since going to uni, being good looking and eighteen, as he was. But somehow, even between the booze and the aborted kiss, he knew that Grindr was not right for this situation.

So, he lay there in bed, rubbing off his seven inches, feeling the hardness in his hand, wishing it was his Dad and not his hand. He was trying to make as little noise as possible. He was imagining his Dad’s hairy chest up against his face, those big strong arms wrapped around his little eighteen-year-old frame as Daddy pounded his tight virgin arse. The thought of Dad fucking him hard made him wank off even more vigorously. Suddenly his other hand was at his arsehole, his finger probed deep inside. He'd only been fingered once since going to university. His butt hole was still a virgin butt hole. He'd fucked a few guys but he'd never been fucked, he'd still not found the right guy to trust with his virginity.

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