London gay orgy

Gay Sex Party in London

          A few weeks back, I attended a big ol’ gay sex party in London. This was my second visit to this particular orgy, so the stringent security and long queues didn’t worry me as much as they did on my first visit. The entrance to the Vauxhall venue aren’t immediately obvious, that is, apart from the long line of men waiting outside. At the sight of the huge line of men in rubber fetish gear, I began to feel quite excited. The gay gangbang I attended wasn’t as busy as the last time I had been there, but it was still pretty horny. The venue was about half the size of last time too. However, it transpired, that the men in rubber were not going to the same party! Given that there were SO many parties happening during London fetish week all on a Friday night, I wasn’t surprised.

I still had an incredibly horny time. When the party was in full swing, there was fucking galore! The bottoms were paraded around with the black pillow cases on their heads and the tops pounced. The smaller space created a more compact atmosphere than last time, having so many hot men squeezed in together seemed to bottleneck the fucking. I remember having some gorgeous guy on his knees sucking me off whilst my nipples were being tweaked from behind by a sexy daddy. There was a row of guys to my left with their arses in the air, waiting, whilst guys in the slings to my right with their legs spread were being fucked mercilessly. Hot men mingled with a horny hunger in their eyes.

There are three roles at this party, mares (bottoms who don’t see who’s fucking them), stable boys (they step in to protect the mares in they hear the safe word) and stallions (tops). These three roles become quite diffuse as the evening flows on. Some of the mares lose their sensory deprivation hoods. Some of the stable boys become less shy and start fucking and getting fucked. Some of the stallions start getting fucked. Although I’d entered the party as a stallion, I quickly found myself on my knees noshing off a whole array of hot hard cocks! It was fucking fabulous!
gay erotica

You know that horny haze that descend upon you in that sort of environment when you’re just going for it and you don’t care, you’re just having such an amazing sexy time with so many hot guys! I fucked my way through so many men! I was ecstatic. I’d finish fucking one fella, swap condoms, and move on to fuck another.

Somehow, in the flurry of fucking, shooting my load over some muscled hunk in a sling, the number of people at the party had dwindled and before I knew what was happening, it was quarter to two and the party was well and truly finished.

 There’s something excitingly terrifying about that point in the night when men become one in a sexual milieu. When almost every body is sexy. When every hard cock slides into your mouth with such ease. When you are fucking some sexy guy hard up against the wall feeling so turned on by his smell and the girth of his nob in your hand… and then he vanishes into the swirl of bodies only to be replaced by another and you take off where you left off... A new body, the same dance.

It’s like feeding a hunger that can never be satisfied. The more fuel the fire gets, the brighter it burns and the more wood it needs to sustain itself! If you get the balance right, this fire will burn fabulously all night long, if you don’t, it will not stop until it consumes itself. Unlike a hunger of the tummy which can be satiated (temporarily), a lustful hunger for cock and arse will not be quelled. It refuses to stop. The more it gets, the more it wants. At least, that’s how it is for me.

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