Sensual massage turns into a hot fuck

Sensual massage turns into a hot fuck       

     Ok! I know that it’s hardly much of a surprise that a naked sensual massage between two hot men turned into a horny fuck session. But the experience was so beautiful and horny that it deserves being written about.

                The guy in question is a hunky early 40s man I met online. He is liberally adorned with a gorgeous array of tattoos and made me stand to attention the second I laid eyes on him. We exchanged a few messages online and agreed to meet one afternoon in London. At first it was a little awkward, sitting in his living room, chatting small talk about giving and receiving massages. I’d never done a massage exchanged before and was confused about whether I had signed up for a shag or a massage, which with hindsight, he probably was too.

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                I took a quick shower and when I emerged he was totally naked, his beautiful display of tattoos like a peacocks tail, all over his body. He lay me down on his bed, on my front, explaining to me that we would massage each other in stages, as no one really wanted to give a whole massage after just receiving one. Such a simple idea I couldn’t believe I’d never thought of this before!

                His room, gently lit with a faint hint of incense in the background, was arousing enough with the large hippie throws and drapes lining the walls. The sight of him walking around, his cock swaying between his legs as his tattoos flowed around him, was pretty horny.

                The massage began gently. He slowly warmed my back up, moving his hands slowly with gentle expertise along the muscles on either side of my spine. I allowed my eyes to close as my forehead rested on the towel he’d put out to support it. His hands danced with sensual delight, gliding along the massage oil.

                He found the crack of my ass, starting to gently tickle it with his fingers, working ever more energetically as his fingers gained more confidence I was moved to moans of pleasure. As his fingers danced around my hole, I could feel my prick hardening between my body and the bed. He didn’t linger on my ass for much longer before he moved onto my thighs, positioning them so that our thighs rested on each other, my arse exposed, his balls rubbed on my legs and his hands worked right along my big hairy legs and up to my crotch with carnal precision.

                Then I was gently eased back into reality and told that it was my turn to return the massage. The sight of the tattoos on his back was really something to behold. I was mesmerised watching them move with the flow of my fingers. They took on new shapes and their multi coloured dimensions became like something from an LSD trip. My dick got hard pretty fast, resting against the tight line of his crack, it was hard to concentrate on massaging his beautiful naked body when my dick wanted to get inside it.

                He pursed his arse out a little, catching the beautiful pink flower bud of his hole on the tip of my prick. I leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, our tongues meeting in a soft exchange. My dick straining against his hole. We kissed like this for a beautiful moment, the scent of incense holding us together as my dick throbbed harder against him, gagging to get inside him. The sight of his tattoos dancing around my closed eyes. The massage oil wetted my hard shaft and the tip of my head pressed into him slightly.

                I pulled back, taking a breath, pulling my distracted cock away from his distracting rear and got on with massaging that beautiful tattoo covered body. Allowing my dick to slowly deflate as I followed my way around his thighs and calfs. Copying the fabulous technique he’d just taught me, my hands flowed to his groin and before I’d managed to move onto the other side of his body, he was lying on his back, hardon standing tall and proud like a flag pole.

                I gobbled him up, feeling his long hard shaft fill my mouth till I struggled to take any more. Moving my mouth down to his balls and eventually to his arse. Whilst I tongued his hole greedily he worked on my hard dick, sucking expertly.

                The sex that followed was beautiful. I fucked him so tenderly. Our eyes meeting for long deep looks as I filled up his backside. The smell of the incense and the lights of the candles combined to make the whole experience slightly dreamy. When we came, we came together in a loud, gasping flurry of masculine roaring.

                After the sex we lay on his bed, dozing for a gentle eternity. When I closed my eyes I saw his tattoos flowing around me.

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